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At Screenzilla, we are more than a publisher; we are a game partner. We work to put studios and players first and provide them with the tools, expertise and support needed through every stage of development, launch and live service.

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Screenzilla is a full service incubator for game developers. Whether you are an indie dev just getting started, an agile team with a game you are trying to get to market or a studio with established IP, we can meet whatever needs you have. From design and analytics services to marketing, social promotion and player/community support, we are here to help you deliver the best experience possible.

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Look I’m new to the gaming space. Besides my time in college as a customer service rep for Nintendo, I have only been working in this space for about 2 years. I might not be the guy you go to for balance advice or to discuss in-depth the best techniques…

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Transitioning into VR and AR Development

Developer Blog

Game development as a whole is poised to transition into spatial 3D in the not so distant future. Already the two leading game engines, Unity and Unreal, are doing all they can to fully support the development needs of both virtual reality and augmented reality because they know that inevitably…

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Data and the Events They Rode in On

Developer Blog

Mobile game analytics, if utilized properly, provide insight into how your app is used, what works, what doesn’t, and where you as developers can optimize. These analytics are based on the foundation of game events being sent to you from your player’s devices. When initially looking at creating the taxonomy…

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Do you have a great idea for the next big game that will rock the market? We want to hear it! All game ideas submitted to Screenzilla are completely confidential and remain 100% your intellectual property. We are looking for partners with amazing game ideas we can help you bring to life.

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